Tuesday, July 04, 2006

One thing about this layout is that the text space is a little too small lah. I shall wait until my procrastination goes away before attempting to fix that.

Welcome back Simon, hiatus after hiatus. You've effectively removed yourself from your blogging community by your inactivity and have, until now, existed in the world that seems real to you. And yet, you may argue that the only 'real' difference between the blogging world and the world as you know it, is that fingers do the talking in the former. You may object and say,'nope, experiencing the real thing is really much different from living a fantasy.' But you will be shocked.

What is 'reality?' How different is it from 'fantasy'? If you've read Descartes, you will know that you think, therefore you exist, and that your bodily sensations may well be just figments of the devil's persuasion that have tainted your mind powerfully in more ways than you can imagine.' Now i know you seek not to be put into a philosophical mode right after Italy won 2-0, so i shall just leave you with the 2 questions that 'I' have posed to you.

Let's move on, with the assumption that 'I' is Me, Simon is Myself and each is no different from the other insofar as I am Simon. The past one year or so has been fantastic for me. In fact, maybe my whole life has been a fantastic journey. I've become more intimate with my creavity, more in touch with my music, made new and good friends along the way, understood more about nature in the form of mathematics and physics and in the midst of it all, still managed to only get drunk once or twice!

There are so many things to talk about that i don't even know where to start, but let me just quote an example of what i learnt in mathematics. Stop groaning. You only do so because you are not facultied for the slightest moment of a ponder. Here is the proof that empty sets exist(John D. Barrow, The Book Of Nothingness). Behold: The empty set exists, for if it doesn't, then the set of all such sets are empty, thereby showing that the empty set exists yet again. Elegant. If you don't understand the proof, read those italics very very slowly, like a true mathematician, and with patience, you should get it.

Now on to singing. I've realised, after all these year, that i've been singing the wrong way. Wrong because it harms my vocal cords. Oh well, mistakes happen. At least for now my sound is clearer and more even throughout the registers. I now have a 3 octave range, and am looking for the 4th! Anyway, if you did not come for Vocal Obsession II, which is my NUS a cappella group's concert, you ought to be shot. because it's good. VCDs available at 15 bucks each. order through me. More on a cappella in later entries. Oh, and if you ignoramus still think i'm in a choir(no disrespect to choristers out there), i'm not. I'm in a contemporary a cappella group. Actually i'm in 3. VoCollision, Equivox and Resonance. More about this later too.

On to alcohol. I went alcohol shopping today. Bought Irish Cream, Kahlua, Southern Comfort and Grenadine syrup. With my current collection of vodka, tequila and jack daniels sour mash, i should be able to do a few potent concoctions. Learnt how to layer my shooters, albeit in cocktail glass. This is where physics kicks in. You need to know the specific gravity of the liquids to determine the order to float the spirits. Cool. Shall get my shotglasses and barspoon today. And Beer and stout and wine.

No i'm not alcoholic. I'm an alcohol lover. Think about this: If you call me an alcoholic just by hearing me talk about alcohol, would you call an accountant a mathematician after he/she crunches a lot of numbers in his/her head?

Actually I could hear many people saying yes already. You all got it wrong, darlings. Awfully wrong. I shall not elaborate. Moving on.

Was shopping with Audrey for the liquors at Bugis today. She mentioned to me about how her friend told her she put on weight and had invited her to California Fitness and signed her in as guest, while she allowed herself to be fat-probed(you know, those kiap kiap things) by the trainers there. She was saying how her friend kept saying that she(Aud) had put on weight, and ought to do some exercise.

And so Aud told me she didn't really like the fact that her friend was going on about her weight. Bombshell for Stereotypers: She didn't like it coz she's happy that she's a bit meatier, and she doesn't look so skinny. She has my respect because of her utmost confidence(In fact i agree with her about her weight).

Now i find that there's something peculiar about the general weight issue thing. Is it only me, or has 'weight' become a more polite substitute for 'fat(as in body shape)'? Think about it, when a person is a little on the round side, he should 'lose some weight'. While there's really nothing wrong with saying that, it is really irksome that people deliberately avoid the word 'fat', or 'plump'. Ask anyone in the know and you'll realise that muscle is heavier(denser) than fat. 2 people of the same weight can well be built very differently. It is time to stop giving 'fat' that negative connotation of 'ugly'. Being fat/overweight is just like myopia, or insomnia. It is a health condition, not an asthetic comment. Do something about it only if you think it's bad for your health.

And friends of fat(or even not so fat) people: Do you keep reminding your friends that they are fat, teasing them everytime you do so? Don't let your own insecurities manifest itself in this way. It hurts the person you call a 'friend', because people like you have been perpetuating this negative connation. If you are genuinely concerned. Take them for an exercise and do it with them. Think about this: How often is,'you're lazy. study harder' and effective advice, if you don't drag your lazy friend to study with you? Your insensitive comments don't help, because you're only sitting there comfortable, as if you're watching a soap opera, waiting for your fat friend to gather enough confidence(which unfortunately, has been crushed to bits by you) to hit the gym. Motivate, not label.

Anyway, to clear people's doubts, i AM a little fat, and i do need exercise. But i'm saying all these only because i'm seeing it happening to people everywhere. Call them fat all you want, but if you're doing if for the sake of doing it, don't blame them for calling you nasty names about your own blemishes. So, who wants to hit the gym with me?

Anyway to end on a high note, it's Geraldine's bday today. I'll be meeting her later to er, test my cocktail recipes. So i shall sing her her bday song later. Geraldine is one of my flute juniors. Oh, and she's thin. And she packs a potent pinch. Maybe it's because i'm fat.

Finally, a quote from the sage, Homer Simpson: Just because I don't care, doesn't mean I don't understand. Now that's what i call wise nonchalance.


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