Thursday, July 06, 2006

I love Stacey Kent. Especially on rainy days like today.

Rainy days like this are strangely thought and emotion provoking. It makes you want to look at the sky and ask questions about things you've never thought about before. Or maybe you have thought before, but that's during another rainy day. Incidentally, this day, being a very beautiful rainy day, i thought about beauty. A beauty that's less visual. A beauty that is precious and sometimes, hard to get and easily lost.

To me, freedom is beautiful. Freedom to be with the ones you love, freedom to watch the day go by when you really just want to watch the day go by. Freedom to savour the scent of a used flute. Freedom to sing. Freedom to make beautiful chord changes. Freedom to do what you want.

Ability is freedom. You must be able to hold the brush properly to paint. You must have the ability, the will-power to take time out from a busy schedule to be able to appreciate the company of loved ones. In short, you must have the ability to love.

Sometimes we fight for freedom. We rebel and make big sacrifices in exchange for a freedom that is only transient. We are proud of our sacrifices until the day we regret our actions. And then everything falls apart, because we think it was a foolish sacrifice. And then we begin to wonder why we craved for freedom in the first place.

I think i have fought for a lot of kinds of freedom in my life. And i appreciate every of the freedom that i had/have. Sure, there have been wrong decisions and perceptions about things that i fought for, but as long as i was there to enjoy my beautiful freedom, i think i came out of my mistakes a little wiser each time.

Embrace freedom. It is the most beautiful thing in the world.


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