Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's really unexpected.

There are many moments in life that cannot be anticipated. It's like strolling barefeet along the beautiful coast and stepping onto a grumpy crab.

And it's difficult to describe the loss I felt when you decide that the time has come for you to leave. There are many things that I want to say, but I guess i won't have the chance to say them, and even if i had the chance, i won't be able to bring myself to say them.

But i know you understand better than me, that you will be happier this way. And you have my blessings, and gratitude for just having been there for a while in this transient existence of life. I'm not sure whether you'll come back again, but the door's always open.

Life will go on, and it'll be tough for now. But i'm sure it'll still be hell of a ride.

Missing you. Always.


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