Thursday, July 06, 2006

Temptation is....

Temptation is.....

......when i stare at the Kim Crawford Merlot that i bought for dine, thinking about whether i should finish it.

......when i discover i have leftover bratwursts just before going to sleep.

......when i see people exposing their buttcracks with their (hipster?) jeans. I call them ass-cracker jeans. I really want to pour cold water into the offending crevice and watch what happens.

......when that top fits nicely without showing my manboobs, but i'll be broke after acquiring it.

......when someone sings off-key, and i want to correct it.

......when someone sings on-key, and i want to harmonise it.

......when someone is in sitting in a knee-jerk position, and i want to test it. Incidentally i seem to be unable to do that to myself.

......when i see nice, tanned legs. Enough said.

......when that fucker with oversized balls sits beside me on an MRT/bus and opens his legs wide to air them, and i want him to be the wall of my free-kick. Ask Dwight Yorke.

...... when i smell apple crumble. Enough said.

Oh, speaking of which, here's a joke i heard from somewhere: How do you make an apple crumble? Ans: Kick it in the balls. That is ultra cool. Use imagery if you don't get know why it's so funny.

It's 7.07am. Good morning, Mr Sunshine.


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