Friday, July 07, 2006

Have you ever met someone who makes you feel as if you've known the person for longer than you've met?

Shinni's one of those. We met when i joined Resonance 3 years ago. She was already in the club before i joined(she's 1 yr younger than me, and i had army. go figure.). Well i'm not about to summarise 3 years into1 blog so i'll not do so here, but let's just say that she has since become a very good friend of mine.

So we were chatting after Equivox practice today. Talked about the future of Equivox. Shared thoughts about what's up next. Laughed at how we anticipated(correctly) what each other's about to say. Bitched about people and the current state of affairs, and bitched freely we did, knowing that this will be kept(or forgotten?) secret by a trustworthy friend.

She also told me what false consciousness is, and how it is related to capitalism. She also applied the theory to the army! Sociology majors have great ideas man. Ideas that are revolutionary and can make or break nations of peoples.

But what surprised me was that she's starting to be concerned about her weight. I know, i know, guys don't notice the small changes in women's figures(even though i was quite sure i stare intently sometimes), but she's usually not the type to think about such stuff. She even suggested we eat salad. But i managed to salvage the dreadful situation of having to eat salad for dinner by asking(telling) her this:"you sure it's enough or not? cannot one lah". We shared a 2-person serving of Spanish paella, whatever that was. Without beer coz they didn't have beer. Which is terrible.

The thing about Shinni is that i am absolutely myself when i'm with her. She makes me feel at ease about doing and saying anything. I can make a dirty joke, curse at noisy little children, or even say out my evil thoughts without me feeling guilty or worried that i might have given myself a very bad impression. I don't have to put up a facade about what i feel about things when things are bitches. I don't have to pretend that anything is nice when it isn't. And that is about as cool anyone can get.

To top it all, she is articulate, independent and understanding. And she loves beer too. Oh, and did i mention that she's also pretty? And likes jazz?

I have cool friends.


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