Monday, July 10, 2006

How come nochet sleep

JUST for the radio gig, i slept early. And JUST for once, i woke up after sleeping for only 3 hours. And i couldn't get back to sleep after that. Don't tell me it's nerves.

I hope this doesn't affect my voice man. First time soloing so many songs. I've become a Scary Mary(chok, 2006).

Oh anyway, for those who're interested, VoCollision(which is my a cappella group) is singing today at 10am at 93.8fm. Feel free to tune in!

This and next month are going to be hectic. Tonnes of gigs, a cappella championships, 1 band concert, 1 song to write, and my flute exam! Life as a performing artist is never dull, eh?

Ok lah, i have to get ready for the radio show. Will do a proper update when i'm done with it(if i'm not tired out by my lack of sleep by then).


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