Thursday, July 13, 2006

what is it that colours have that make people love what they see? what is it about serenity that people are comforted? what is it about music that soothes the soul?

i'm not sure whether i've overscrutinized the limits of cause and effect, that some things just cannot be explained. But my mind tells me that there IS something about pleasant things that make us feel pleasant.

look into a pond, at your own reflection. what makes you want to make a ripple? what makes you want to follow the ripple till it disappears into the horizon? what makes a child adorable?

and what makes us ponder our existence? and what makes us think? just notice the impossiblity of NOT thinking, not having the tiniest of thought in your head. does closing the eyes help? it is impossible to be not thinking when you're conscious isn't it?

The mind can fathom that which is vast and even that which is miniscule. But the mind cannot fathom nothingness, for IF it does, it cannot be conscious of it, otherwise it wouldn't be nothingness.

Does nothing coexist with everything?


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